Ageless Grace Video Series

We here at AGEC (Arkansas Geriatric Education Collaborative) love our older adults, loyal followers, caregivers, and care recipients!

During this time we know many of you staying close to home and due to temporary closures, you’re probably unable to do your normal exercises and classes at your community fitness centers. We at AGEC want to help you all stay healthy and active.

Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 11 a.m. and every following Wednesday at the same time until further notice, we will be offering “Ageless Grace” via Facebook.  If you can’t make it on Wednesdays at 11 a.m., watch and exercise along with the replay videos below anytime, as many times as you’d like!

If you’re new to Ageless Grace, it is a brain health exercise program designed to be done right from your chair.  In total, the Ageless Grace program contains 21 different tools to promote all 5 functions of the brain.  The goal is to create movement, try something new you have not done before, move core muscles, organs, and energy centers. The movements stimulate the body, initiate a brain-body link that can positively affect attitude, as well as maintain and increase cognitive function.

All you need to participate is a sturdy, stable chair that ideally has arms.  Place your chair in an area where you have enough room around you to move in a full range of motion with your arms and legs.  Be prepared to laugh, and have some fun.

We invite you to please join us every Wednesday on Facebook at 11 a.m. for Ageless Grace!

Week 19 – July 29
Tools Used: Front Row Orchestra, Get Down/Get Up, Dance Party

Week 18 – July 22
Tools Used: Yo-Baby, Grab Bag, Dive In

Week 17 – July 15
Tools Used: Dance Party, Gentle Geometry, Get Down/Get Up

Week 16 – July 8
Tools Used: Balancing Act, Rockin’ Rockettes, Juicy Joints
Watch Week 16 Here

Week 15 – July 1
Tools Used: Try Chi, Grab Bag, Spelling B

Week 14 – June 24
Tools Used: Dance Party, Team Fit, Zoo-ology

Week 13 – June 17
Tools Used: Juicy Joints, Body Math, Shake it Up Baby

Week 12 – June 10
Tools Used: Dive In, Get Down/Get Up, Spaghetti Spine
Watch Week 12 Here

Week 11 – June 3
Tools Used: Rockin’ Rockettes, Front Row Orchestra, Power Tools

Week 10 – May 27
Tools Used: Spaghetti Spine, Team Fit, Spelling B

Week 9 – May 20
Tools Used: Juicy Joints, Gentle Geometry, Shake it Up Baby

Week 8 – May 13
Tools Used: Get Down/Get Up, Spelling B, Grab Bag
Watch Week 8 Here

Week 7 – May 6
Tools Used: Body Math, Dive In, Yo-Baby, Dance Party

Week 6 – April 29
Tools Used: Spaghetti Spine, Rockin’ Rockettes, Balancing Act
Watch Week 6 Here

Week 5 – April 22
Tools Used: Front Row Orchestra, Try Chi, Express Yourself

Week 4 – April 15
Tools Used: Power Tools, Shake It Up Baby, Team Fit, Zoo-ology

Week 3 – April 8
Tools Used: Spelling B, Gentle Geometry, Get Down/Get Up, Grab Bag

Week 2 – April 1
Tools Used: Dance Party, Dive In, and Rockin’ Rockettes
Watch Week 2 Here

Week 1 – March 25
Tools Used: Juicy Joints, Body Math, Get Down/Get Up, Yo-Baby