Dietectics CE Oct. 11, 2017

CE Required Document – Physical Therapy

  1. Dietectics (RD) Sign in Sheet (downloadable)  or Online Sign In Sheet (select physical therapy)
  2. Participant Profile – Oct. 11 (downloadable)   or Participant Profile online version
  3. Evaluation – Oct.11 downloadable copy or Program Evaluation Online Version
  4. Dietectics Certificate – print and keep (certificate is not valid until we received items 1-3 of required document listed above) 

Facilitators may provide participant their certificate and collect the remainder of their paperwork to submit to AGEC. If you used the online version of all documents, please send an email notifying us of your entry.

AGEC Contact Information:

4301 W. Markham St., #798

Little Rock, AR 72205

TEL: 501-603-1969

FAX: 501-603-1966