Dietectics CE Oct. 11, 2018

  1. Dietetics Sign in Sheet or Online Sign In Sheet (select dietectics)
  2. Participant Profile 10-11-18  or Participant Profile online version
  3. Program Evaluation 10-11-18 or Program Evaluation online version (coming soon)   
  4. Certificate Dietetics (approval pending – check back on Oct. 1)

Facilitators may provide participant a certificate and collect the remainder of their paperwork to submit to AGEC. Note: Documents MUST be emailed, faxed or mailed to AGEC. Online participants may submit all required documents directly to AGEC.

AGEC Contact Information:

4301 W. Markham St., #798

Little Rock, AR 72205

TEL: 501-603-1965

FAX: 501-603-1966