General/Student/Other CE April 22, 2019

For general participants not seeking CE credit (students, paraprofessionals, other health professions). Note to OT and SW – the following can be completed, and you will be sent a certificate from AGEC that can be used to apply to your board for credit on your own.

  1. General Sign In Sheet or  Online Sign In Sheet (select applicable profession or student)
  2. Participant Profile – 4-22-19 (downloadable)  OR Participant Profile online version
  3. Evaluation – 4-22-19 downloadable copy OR Program Evaluation Online Version
  4. Credit Claim Form – complete the credit claim form, check box “Other Healthcare Professional” and write out description (i.e. student, CNA, etc.).     
  5. Email the completed documents or indicate they were completed online. Include your name and program date/title in the body of the text.

Certificate will be sent to your email within 30 days if all applicable documents were completed.

Facilitators may provide and collect paperwork, and send as a group attendance by email to Certificates will be provided after the AGEC has verified all documents for CE credit have been submitted. All paperwork must be submitted within 5 working days of the seminar to receive CE Credit.

AGEC Contact Information:

4301 W. Markham St., #798

Little Rock, AR 72205

TEL: 501-603-1965

FAX: 501-603-1966