General/Student/Other contact hours Nov.14-16

Link to handouts – click here. 

General, students, direct care workers and other professionals, please complete the following after the program to receive contact hours and certificate for attending program :

  1. Sign In Sheet – General Day 1 , Day 2, Day 3 or Online General Sign In Sheet (complete once for all or any days attended)
  2. Participant Profile Nov.14-16  or Participant Profile online version
  3. Program Evaluation Nov. 14-16 or Program Evaluation online version  
  4. Test – There are three tests (one for each of the day’s courses). If you did not attend all courses within a day, each test question gives the option to select “Did not attend this segment” as your answer. We will adjust the scoring for test according to whether you attended the specific course (topic) and that will not affect your score.
  5. Complete Health Professional Credit Claim form, sign and return as instructed in step 6.
  6. Email that online documents have been completed and submitted in email or by regular mail.  

Certificates will be sent approximately 2-3 weeks after submission of post program documents by the AGEC.

AGEC Contact Information:

4301 W. Markham St., #798

Little Rock, AR 72205

TEL: 501-603-1965

FAX: 501-603-1966