Super Noggin

Super Noggin

As described on their website: Super Noggin: a community-based brain fitness program designed to maintain and even improve cognitive functions in adults, including those with normal aging memory problems (“senior moments”). Elements of the program have been identified as Alzheimer’s prevention strategies.

Attention Activity Directors and Wellness Leaders
You’re busy, so here’s a turn-key program just for you. Super Noggin gives you training and program materials to offer a comprehensive brain fitness to your community.

Super Noggin is unique.  Many cognitive enhancement programs offer memory training and brain teasers. But leading researchers and organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association agree: People need to do more than just play brain games.

A combination of lifestyle factors contributes to brain health.

Super Noggin
  • educates about the lifestyle behaviors that contribute to
    brain health
  • builds in lots of social interaction and mentally
    stimulating activities
  • adds a personal tracking system
  • creates an environment where science meets fun